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We research and develop assistive devices that give people with disabilities greater control over their lives.

We have built a strong international reputation for our work in creating technologies and solutions to enable people with disabilities to achieve their potential.

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Since our inception, we have been providing volunteer-driven computer skills tutoring.

The knowledge and skills to use a computer can greatly improve independence, access to resources, and connections with family and friends for a person with a disability.

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We assist our clients in developing the skills they need to achieve their employment goals.

We work with both individuals and employers to find a suitable career for each of our clients.

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We are the Canadian leader in Assistive Technology, from innovation right through to trialing and implementation.

We find the most effective ergonomic or assistive technology solutions to target each individual鈥檚 specific needs.

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We are a partner of choice for government and industry decision makers who share our passion for making Canada more accessible for all.

Through our collaborations, we can do more to empower people with disabilities.

Our Latest News

    Rhonda writes with a marker on a dry erase board in her classroom..

    鈥淚 Was Finally Able to Access Technology That Helps Me Hear Better鈥

    June 12, 2024

    鈥淚 don’t feel as tired at the end of the day. I feel like I can participate more in group conversations as I can understand what people are saying. I feel like I hear quicker, if that makes sense, which means I can catch nonverbal cues that go with conversations that I previously missed or misinterpreted.鈥

    Neil Squire staff all pose together next to the Neil Squire tent outside the Burnaby office.

    Burnaby Celebrates 40 Years of Impact With Party in the Parking Lot

    June 11, 2024

    On Friday, we celebrated the milestone and everyone who has been a part of our journey with a Party in the Parking Lot at our Burnaby Head Office. Friends old and new filled our parking lot for a free barbecue, live music by Digger Dan, and an afternoon to remember.

    We Have Solutions! 鈥 Episode 26: Google IO, Gemini, and AI as AT

    June 6, 2024

    Today we are joined once again by Nakia Singh. On today鈥檚 episode we talk about the recent Google I/O conference on AI, why it just might be worth paying the subscription fee for Gemini Pro, and finally, we talk about the specific ways in which AI can be used as assistive technology.

    Two students working on their switches.

    Templeton Secondary School Students Become Masters at Adapting Toys

    June 6, 2024

    The students at Templeton Secondary School鈥檚 STEM program had a hefty task at hand. First, they needed to figure out how to switch adapt a toy, taking it apart and modifying it so that a child with a disability could more easily play with it using an adaptive switch. Then, they needed to make instructions to help future makers adapt that same toy.

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